What is Crelor Space and how does it work?

Crelor Space is an e-learning platform that connects learners to their most desired skills and interests in technology, business, & basic life skill. All of which are geared toward career advancement, financial acceleration & life skills.

Our courses are centered on carefully selected in-demand skills. These skills allow you to position yourself as a big shot, which gives you a competitive advantage over others.

Additionally, the technical skills you can learn at Crelor Space avail you the opportunity to work comfortably even as you earn hundreds of thousands.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of courses you can choose from, based on your interests, and learning pace. At the end of every training, you’ll take mandatory assessment tests. This helps you earn a befitting certificate acknowledging your skills and expertise.

What types of courses are available on Crelor Space?

At Crelor Space, you can learn business-related courses that equip you with the needed knowledge to scale your business to profitability. You can go here, to start now

More importantly, you can also explore Technical courses that equip you with in-demand digital skills, which can potentially skyrocket your income and finances.

But that’s not all, at Crelor Space we believe that attaining true success in any career&  in life generally goes beyond the technical know-how. Additional psychological & social skills are needed to maximize your full potential.

As long as you’re a learner on the platform, you can explore life skills like communication skills, time management skills, people skills, etc., all of which guarantee success for you as a learner.

What are the requirements for becoming an instructor on Crelor Space?

If you’ve decided to hop on the money-making train, then here are the steps to follow;

Further instructions will follow from the emails you’ll be getting

And that’s it! Very Plain and Simple.

Can I access the courses on Crelor Space from any device?

You can easily access the courses on Crelor Space from anywhere in the world using your Mobile device or Laptop

Is there support available for technical issues or course-related questions?

In cases of technical difficulties, you can easily use our 24/7 chat support and have it resolved immediately or send an email to info@crelorspace.com

How do I access and navigate the Crelor Space platform as a student or instructor?

As a student, visit the student registration page and register and you will have access to your own dashboard. Right on your dashboard, you will see all the courses you bought and can watch them at any time.

As an instructor, visit the instructor registration page to apply. If approved, a special login detail will be sent to you. When you log in, you will have access to your own dashboard. In your dashboard, you can see all the students that paid for your course and be able to reach them at any time.