Finally Revealed: The Amazing Secrets that Effective Digital Marketers Use to Drive Sales


It is no news that digital marketing is fast becoming the future of marketing on every level. The advent of technological innovations like Social media platforms is gradually taking the traditional medium of advertisement away from the marketing spotlight. In other words, Traditional marketing is fast becoming old news.

According to a recently concluded research, about 59% of the world population engages more with digital tools than any other thing. If you care to draw calculating conclusions, that’s more than half of the world’s population.

Although, we’re not trying to downplay the effectiveness of Traditional marketing.Nonetheless, where high-profit margins and unlimited audience reach are concerned, Traditional marketing has online marketing to contend with.

Secrets to Online Business Success

Secret 1: Speak to the right Audience

Taking a general approach to marketing goods and services will do nothing but isolate your business and its benefits.

Try to think back to that one time you had to go to a major market in Lagos. With every turn, you’re rushed by a troop of traders, trying to get you to buy their wares.

Some even go as far as dragging you, to take interest in their products. But you’ll agree that unless you need what they have to offer, you don’t succumb to their marketing tactics, let alone buy anything from them.

It’s pretty much the same way highly flawed internet marketing is done. Don’t follow the crowd of mediocre marketers, that speak to different people at the same time. Rather, define your target audience and content (like blogs, social content, video content, etc), targeted at their problems and specific needs.

If you’re new to marketing online, figuring out the right audience can be a hard nut to crack. Especially because you don’t know how to achieve that. But it would be easier if you enroll for an advanced  Digital Marketing class.

Nevertheless, using metrics like Age, interests, needs, and desires of your audience, can determine who your product is for, and how it solves their problems and makes life easier.

Secret 2: Take advantage of Influencer Marketing

According to research, 92% of consumers trust online word-of-mouth recommendations. Especially when it comes from a trusted figure, with an impressive level of online engagement. On that note, engaging influencers with an impressive following can generate huge ROIs for your online business.

Secret 3: Storytelling

Every brand has a story that locks in the essence of the value it offers. It’s important to tell this story to the audience in a highly compelling manner.

Without a compelling brand story, that emotionally connects with potential customers, you can barely gain traction in any online business.

Why is that? Well, we blame that on the unchanging psychology of humans when it comes to purchasing goods and services.

In case you didn’t know, most of the buying decisions humans make are based on emotions and eventually justified with logic. Statistics have also gone further to prove that 95% of purchase decisions are emotional. That being said, if you want to learn how to learn to tell stories that sell out your products or services. Learn to know how to do that skillfully.

Secret 4: The Give and Take Strategy

You have to make your potential customers feel like they are ‘ripping you off’-That they’re getting more value than their money can even provide.

It makes them feel in control. The give-and-take strategy is an age-old marketing trick that guarantees an increase in ROI.

On that note, If you have ‘not-so-expensive products like ebooks, Free tutorials, Free Webinars, or other valuable gifts you add to spice up your offer,  DO JUST THAT!!

You’d be shocked by how stacking your sales funnel with valuable bonuses can potentially increase your profits.

Secret 5- Consistent effort

Against what many get-rich-quick digital gurus preach, these things take time. Achieving success in Digital Marketing requires more than just a one-off effort.

The consistent application of the secrets unraveled in this article, coupled with the effective usage of digital tools, guarantees your success as a digital marketer.

Final Thoughts

If you think all that is stated here, is all there is to know to kickstart a successful online marketing business, then think again. The explained secrets are undoubtedly foundational to the success of any digital marketer.

However, without a combined mastery of digital marketing strategy and tools that aid business growth, the success of these secret promises can hardly be realized.

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