How To Put A Structure To Your Business Processes For Profit

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In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to set your business on auto-pilot (even if you aren’t around your business will still make money like you are just there)
  • What Strategy Map means
  • Why your business needs Strategy Maps and Scorecards to FastTrack it progress.
  • How to effectively use Strategy Map as a Blueprint to achieve short term & Long-term business goals.
  • What are Scorecards?
  • How to use Scorecards to measure performance
  • Components of Strategy Maps & Scorecards.
  • Why Score cards important for business growth
  • The practical steps to pump out the golden hidden abilities in your employees
  • Strategies that successful organizations use to 10x employee’s productivity
  • Why employees will stay longer with you
  • How to Increase your revenue through your employee’s selfless contribution.
  • How employees can be aligned with the organization mission and run with it passionately.

PLUS: A Done-for-you Strategy Map template that you can easily fill out with your business goals and a business plan template + worksheet.

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