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Say Goodbye To Unclear Business Goals, Low Sales, Confused Mode of Operations and explore the right digital tools needed for your business to succeed….

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Hey there, Let me share with you a little about me, My name is Ujunwa Nnaekezie –I am the Founder of Crelor Space, an E-learning platform that connects learners to their most desired interest in Tech Skill, Business Skill, and Career Development, geared towards financial acceleration and career advancement.


Beyond just passion, hard work, and dedication, I am an active alumnus of Harvard business school (HBS) where I studied 3 courses, disruptive strategy, sustainable business strategy, and strategy execution which qualifies me as a specialist in business strategy.


Additionally, I pursued a valuable in-demand knowledge, at Rome Business school, Master’s Program in Digital Marketing & BusinessTransformation, I am also a fellow and a certified management consultant from the institute of management consultants, (IMC- Nigeria).

I call myself a TECHPRENEUR, because Y not?

Let Me Tell You a Personal Story;

When I started my entrepreneurship journey years back, I thought i only had to do some basic things that businesses do and then become successful….


I thought starting a business was going to be different for me but i was knocked down by unmet expectations…


It was as though everyone was doing the same business i was doing and even doing it better…..


I thought i had done everything right to fetch me good sales but trust me business doesn’t work that way because……there are certain procedures that needs to be followed carefully, once and for all if we must get it right………


I started figuring out the best ways to stay ahead in this Digital Space,I wanted to know what tools, app or software are successful businesses using?…………  How do i reduce overhead cost?………. What are the skills i need to develop that can help me in my business that won’t cost me to pay so much by assigning it to others?……………. How do i automate my business processes?……………..and most importantly what do i need to do to start doing to generate more sales like other successful businesses while maximizing the digital space….


Trust me guys, there is nothing, absolutely nothing like overnight success, if you are thinking of starting today and making millions today then OYO……


During my phase of curiosity, i soaked myself into deep learning, research, trial and testing what works and the ones not working …..


I promise you, the journey was worth every single energy, time and money of mine, its now valuable for my business and that of others because i have helped other businesses to gain the clarity they need for their business to excel….


I have then put together everything you need that will help skyrocket your business both as a business owner or Business Consultant………. and  If you are just starting out, i beg of you do not stress yourself by always typing “i am interested” under every single sales post you see online, sales doesn’t fall just by doing sales challenge but by working on your back-end which will reflect in the front-end…. Jumping from one challenge to another will likely make you start loosing hope in your business if the sales isn’t coming…….


This course is 4hrs 33mins, created with love, purpose, direction and understanding, it will open your eyes to the actual things to start implementing……….. the best strategies to generate sales and also shut every competition out because you will understand the assignment ……..and will no longer be under any form of pressure……


And i say to you today that it is better to have someone to take this course at your pace (Structure your business processes)because it will properly guide you into what will make your business solid as a business owner and as a business consultant without exhaustion of watching different youtube channel for answers………


This course has got a lot of people talking about it positively and how it has transformed their business sense and sales, I call it the right “Combo Pack” for business owners/entrepreneurs or start-ups because it touches all the important aspect of business processes……T

Here Are Some of The Remarkable Successes My Clients Have Recorded So Far;

Check Out What You Will Be Implementing After Practical Learning;

  • How to set your business on auto-pilot (even if you aren’t around your business will still make money as though you were there).

  • What Strategy Map means and how you can maximize it.

  • Why your business needs Strategy Maps and Scorecards to fast-track its progress.

  • How to effectively use a Strategy Map as a blueprint to achieve short-term & Long-term business goals.

  • What Scorecards are and how to use them to measure organizational performance.

  • Components of Strategy Maps & Scorecards business executives should pay attention to.

  • The practical steps to pumping out the golden-hidden abilities in your employees.

  • The uncommon strategies successful organizations always use to 10x their employees’ productivity and how you can copy them to make your employees stay longer.

  • How to increase your business revenue through your employee’s selfless contribution. It’s magical how these strategies work.

  • How employees can be aligned with the organization’s mission and run with it passionately.

  • Digital assets needed by organization to maximize the digital space effectively.

  • Revamping your instagram account.

  • Pricing Strategy.

  • Skills business owners need to equip themselves with and things to know about digital strategy.

  • Secret behind a successful facebook campaign.

  • Importance of analytics.

  • Many more strategies for business growth..

  • Additional free downloadable templates..

Today, With The Structure & System I Created, I can conveniently;


  • Dedicate more hours to my family;


  • Attend networking events; where I can connect with high-profiled individuals in business, tech, and life generally…


  • Take timely vacations to relax, eat out, engage in life-changing therapeutic activities, and so on(could only dream of all this while working a 9-5)….


  • Worry less about money, because I have successfully created a system that unleashes an unending stream of income…


  • Now I have Zero need to worry about getting late to work, or the exhaustive traffic jams that turn your head inside out……

If you’re still struggling to ensure your employees are engaged, productive & committed to work


Or you are finding it hard to consistently hit your monthly or yearly business targets


…which in most cases yield little or no income for your business…


And even after trying everything best known to you, nothing seems to change.


You’re still ending the month without achieving your set goals…


Then you really need to jump on this now to see what you have not been maximizing…..

It’s just at your fingertip….

Get it Now @ N10,000 instead of N20,000

Take Advantage of this Discount Today…………

Here's Why:

  •  Unlock the Pain-Free process to Boosting  Employee’s Productivity & Skyrocket your Business revenue…without spending another dime.
  • A wide range of resources, including  mentorship and coaching, that sets you in the right direction for success.
  • A supportive environment for members, that helps you to overcome challenges and achieve their goals even faster.
  • And so much more


And I believe that if you’re properly equipped with the amp needed to tackle every challenge,


Your business/organization will no doubt begin to attract deep pocket clients that make you richer


But that can only happen if the hurdles are out of the way

I can't wait to have you winning in your business....

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