Ready to Position yourself in a way that Guarantees you Make Money Digitally, get a well-paid job, and Boost your Income or Business sales faster?

Hey there, Ujunwa Nnaekezie hereThe Brain behind Crelor Space

An E-learning platform that connects learners to their most desired skills in TechBusiness, and Career Development.


Before I ventured into the world of Tech and advocate for learning, I used to be a Customer Service Manager and a business consulting expert…


I have worked well over 9 years in the corporate space. 


I was in my regular sun-up to sun-down job long enough to know I needed to step into a life of more freedom and a life of having a niche…


I wanted to be known for a particular thing and additionally have a relevant skill needed by almost all industries..


My biggest desire at the time was to work less and earn more

…and also have enough time to be present for my kids.


So I knew I needed to switch career path, to one that allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom, without compromising my income.


That sounded like learning a Skill to me.


Quickly, I saw the opportunity to not only offer management consulting in a non-traditional way, but also created a platform for learning valuable skills by collaborating with experts in the technology, digital & business  space…..


Trust me, Learning elevated me and gave me the confidence & earning opportunities i enjoy today…

and more importantly, i had freedom to balance work with other important interests.

Today, I can conveniently;

  • Dedicate more hours to my family;
  • Attend networking events; where I can connect with high-profile individuals in business, tech, and life generally…
  • Take timely vacations to relax, eat out, engage in life-changing therapeutic activities, and so on(could only dream of all this while working a 9-5)..
  • Worry less about money, because I have successfully created a system that unleashes an unending stream of income
  • Now I have Zero need to worry about getting late to work, or the exhaustive traffic jams that turn your head inside out….

Guess what?

I will be showing you skills you can learn and monetize in a simple and easy way.


There are several other skills that guarantee the biggest returns on your time and money…Follow me closely to discover how to….


Unlock The Life of Total Absolute Freedom You've Always Dreamed of....

…by following the proven pattern that kicks your Money Problems in the ass…Unleashing a never-ending flow of Cash for you…

In a fast-moving world of technology, with the highest-paying jobs anyone can ever think of…

What do you have to offer?

Put differently, have you been equipped with on-demand tech/business skills that Top Tech/Business companies are always on the lookout for?

Do you have an avenue for what you offer to be exchanged for the reward of money?

In Simpler terms, how you monetize your skills faster in the easiest way? Even if you have no experience to boast of as a beginner.

Useful connections

To break this down a little, can you rely on a network that makes the whole process of going from learning a skill to monetizing easier.?


If you gave a resounding NO to one or all of these questions, I’ve got the perfect solution for you…

Introducing The All-Inclusive, And Community-driven E-learning Platform Which Guides You to Smash Your Income Goals.....

 with In-Demand Skills That Make It Damn-Near Impossible for You to Lose…

If you’ve ever dreamed of a life where you can afford everything you’ve ever desired, one where you’re able to;

  • Pay your bills conveniently without subjecting yourself to what FORBES Magazine calls the “golden handcuffs”-jobs you hate but can’t quit because your hands are tied…and you need the income even though it’s not always enough.

  • Experience the peace of mind that comes with having an unending flow of cash…

  • Spend for yourself without the guilt or fear of where the next income will come from…

Then you owe it to yourself to hop on the learning train @ Crelor Space And why should you choose Crelor Space? Well, you’re about to find out.

Check out These Carefully & Well Selected Niches That Can Position You Differently And Fetch You The Life-Style You Desire; 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

You’ll agree that the world of business and any other field for that matter, is better with the presence of experts…


Experts who have successfully applied certain principles to drive successful results in their field. 


That is why the skill of consultancy has become very popular and in demand in today’s world. 


The good news is you can also build the same skills and help businesses structure their processes, manage their business and employees in a way that moves them closer to their goals. That is what our upgraded course “Structure your Business” will help you do seamlessly. 


The most interesting thing is you can be earning up to $200k per year just by helping businesses structure their business.


About the course:

This course exposes you to the mostly ignored method of putting structure to your business processes for profit, steps to uncover the uncommon strategies successful organizations always use to 10x their employees’ productivity, strategy for sales, digital tools and how you can copy them as a solutions provider to your own business and helping other businesses to retain employees and increase productivity.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to set your business on auto-pilot (even if you aren’t around your business will still make money as though you were there)……
  • What Strategy Map means and how you can maximize it……
  • Why your business needs Strategy Maps and Scorecards to fast-track its progress……
  • How to effectively use a Strategy Map as a blueprint to achieve short-term & Long-term business goals…..
  • What Scorecards are and how to use them to measure organizational performance…….
  • Components of Strategy Maps & Scorecards business executives should pay attention to…..
  • The practical steps to pumping out the golden-hidden abilities in your employees…….
  • The uncommon strategies successful organizations always use to 10x their employees’ productivity…..
  • How to increase your business revenue through your employee’s selfless contribution……..
  • How employees can be aligned with the organization’s mission and run with it passionately……..
  • Digital assets needed by organization to maximize the digital space effectively…….
  • Revamping your instagram account……..
  • Pricing Strategy……..
  • Skills business owners need to equip themselves with and things to know about digital strategy……..
  • Secret behind a successful facebook campaign……
  • Importance of analytics……..
  • Many more strategies for business growth…….
  • Additional free downloadable templates……. 

Learners will undergo a credible assessment that earns them a certificate attesting to their demonstrated expertise in our hands-on Internship program….

 Class Format:

  • Self-Paced.
  • 100% Virtual Class
  • DURATION: 4 hours 33 minutes
  • 2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.
  • Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support.

Position yourself to harness the power of a well-designed business structure to drive sustainable growth, increased profitability, and help your business and other businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Imagine Getting all these for Just N10,000 today, Take advantage by enrolling now to get instant access......and become a "Certified Business Strategist...."

Gain hands-on experience on how to build a widely successful Blogging Business……


About the Course:

In this course, you’ll get 16+ modules of step-by-step training videos that will show you exactly Practical guide that reveals Blog Post optimization, How to create High-ranking Blog Post and how to make WordPress work for you to create engaging, attractive, and professional-looking blogs on websites without having a lick of coding knowledge.

What you will learn;

❖        Practical Guide Reveals How I Optimize My Blog Posts – Step-by-Step & Why How to Do Text Optimization Like a Pro……..

❖        How to Quickly Create a High-Ranking Blog Post……….

❖        How to Integrate Namecheap Domain to Bluehost Hosting……..

❖        How to Integrate Namecheap Domain to Siteground Hosting…….

❖        How to Install WordPress and Setup SSL Certificate in Siteground……..

❖        How to Add or Remove Widgets, Replace Footer Text, and Arrange Main Menu and Top Menu……..

❖        How to Install a WordPress Theme and Add New Plugins How to Create a Custom Email Address……

❖        How to Disable WordPress Plugins If You Don’t Have Access to the Backend How to Setup One Signal Web Push Notification.

Learners will undergo a credible assessment that earns them a certificate attesting to their demonstrated expertise in our hands-on Internship program.

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        12hour +

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support.

Learn the step-by-step guide to building a blogging business that pays you even in your sleep

Become a PRO Blogger with Just N10,000 only.....You get instant access to start your learning journey.......

Master the practical knowledge of persuasive writing and become a well-rounded professional working for local and international clients……….


About the course:

This course is a complete guide to writing highly persuasive words that will make you RICH. It also provides you with extra-curricular sessions to practice and hone your million-dollar writing skills.

Here’s what you’ll learn;

❖        How to tap into the decision-making center of readers and make them do what you want…….

❖        A step-by-step guide to cranking out blockbuster copies that attract your ideal audience, even if you’ve never written a single line of copy…….

❖        The single most important step to writing blockbuster copies takes “writer’s block” out of the way……

❖        Success-guaranteed recipes to keep winning in your copywriting journey…….

❖        Uncover the magnetic force that drives every compelling and attention-grabbing copy for success……

❖        Key elements that help you craft irresistible and successful copies in no time!!

❖        The Zero B.S. system turns you into a copywriting powerhouse and sets you up for success…even if you suck at writing anything now…….

❖        And so much more………

Learners will undergo a credible assessment that earns them a certificate attesting to their demonstrated expertise in our hands-on Internship program.

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        3HRS+

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support.

Join us on a journey of crafting captivating messages that ignite emotions, inspire action, and drive an undeniable increase in your income.

Become a World-Class and Highly Paid Remote Copywriter with just N10,000.... while the price is still measly....

Uncover the simple ways to take advantage of tech for rapid business growth and development…..


About the course:

This course delves into the world of technology and how you can effectively scale a profitable business with its inventions. Additionally, this course will guide beginners (graduates, undergraduates, and start-ups) on the use of corporate technology and important tools to organize your digital assets.

What you’ll learn;

●      Introduction to Business Technology
●      Introduction to Business Development
●      Business Security
●      Business Ecosystem
●      Microsoft Excel, Word & Powerful Application Uses and Features
●      File Management
●      Data Management
●      Secure & Effective Use of Internet Browsers
●      Internet Netiquette
●      Data Presentation Format For Various Users
●      Database and Spreadsheet Similarities and Differences

Learners will undergo a credible assessment that earns them a certificate attesting to their demonstrated expertise in our hands-on Internship program.

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        2HRS+

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support.

You can learn from tech-savvy professionals who have mastered the art of leveraging technology for business growth.

Undergraduates are Rushing This one in Particular and Those Who Desires To Work in The Corporate Space But Without any Knowledge in Tech....Offer For This is Just @ N5,000 Today........... I Can't Promise You That This Price Will Remain The Same

How to Make Consistent Sales Using Profitable Advertising


About the course

With the Practical knowledge you’ll acquire in this course especially for newbies, you will finally discover the tricks and strategies for running profitable and high-converting Facebook and Instagram advertising that you can implement in your business and that of your clients.

Here’s More of what you’ll learn:

  • The Fundamentals of a Profitable Facebook Ad…..
  • How To Craft a Profitable Advert Using Your Smart Phone or Laptop…..
  • How to Run Profitable Ads Using Your Smartphone – A Step-by-Step Guide……
  • How to Run Profitable Ads Using Your Laptop – A Step-by-Step Guide……
  • 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales From Your Facebook & Instagram Ads (that 90% of people fail to do)…..

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        1HR +

❖        2 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support

Learn from seasoned digital marketing experts who have mastered Facebook advertising, and gain invaluable insights, strategies, and proven techniques for success.

With Just N7,000 today, You can Boost Your Sales and Get Paid by Other Business Owners too when you run ads for them...become a Facebook Advertising Expert with only one click....

Dive into Excel for Beginners and Harness the Insights Hidden in Your Data!”


About the course

This course is designed to introduce learners

 to the fundamental concepts of using Microsoft Excel for data analysis. Through a series of practical exercises and examples, students will learn how to use Excel to import, organize, clean, and analyze data to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basic features and functions of Excel for data analysis…..
  • Learn how to import and organize data in Excel…….
  • Learn how to clean and manipulate data for analysis……
  • Learn how to perform basic statistical analysis and data visualization in Excel…..
  • Learn how to use Excel for data modeling and forecasting……

Course Content

  • Introduction to Excel for Data Analysis………
  • Introduction to Excel interface and terminology………
  • Understanding the importance of data analysis and the role of Excel………
  • Overview of the data analysis process in Excel……….
  • Importing and Organizing Data…….
  • Importing data from different sources into Excel…….
  • Organizing data in Excel: sorting, filtering, and grouping data…..
  • Creating data tables in Excel……
  • Cleaning and Manipulating Data…….
  • Identifying and correcting data errors…….
  • Removing duplicates and empty values…….
  • Data transformation: splitting and combining data…….
  • Basic Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization……..
  • Understanding basic statistical concepts and measures…….
  • Performing descriptive statistics in Excel………..
  • Creating charts and graphs in Excel………
  • Data Modeling and Forecasting………
  • Introduction to data modeling in Excel……….
  • Creating and using Excel functions for modeling………
  • Forecasting trends and making predictions in Excel………

Learners will undergo a credible assessment that earns them a certificate attesting to their 

demonstrated expertise in our hands-on Internship program


  • Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016, 2019 or 365 software
  • Sample datasets for practice exercises
  • Lecture notes and presentations
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Practical exercises and quizzes

 Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        1HR +

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support


A skill like Data analysis makes you in demand in the business world. This is because Data is very significant to decisions that lead to the growth of a business.


 As a data analyst, it is your job to skillfully help businesses to interpret their data for informed decisions…

 And even walk away with a lot of money while at it.

With N9,999 today, You get Certified as a Data Analyst.....

 Learn how to Design visually appealing and functioning websites in less than 48 hours! 

About the course;

This course will guide you through the entire process, enabling you to design (and build) a beautiful website that works on all devices and platforms. All lessons are delivered in an interactive way, allowing you to follow along at your own pace.

What you’ll learn;

  • How to use WordPress editors to create an attractive webpage Setting up a functional WordPress site.
  • How to find, Install, and activate a theme.
  • How to add and install plugins from a third-party site.
  • How to add Menus and Widgets to the site.
  • How to create a functioning site using SSL Introduction to WordPress Jackpot.
  • How to build a contact form and Insert Captcha on the WordPress login
  • Best SEO strategies and practices to rank your site
  • How to secure your website from Hackers with a Sophisticated plugin.
  • And much more.

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        2HR +

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support

Gain hands-on experience in setting up and launching websites, configuring domains, hosting, and ensuring seamless functionality.

Imagine Getting all these for Just N8,000 today, Take advantage by enrolling now to get instant access......and become a Certified Web Designer


Master the Art of Mobile Video Editing: Your Path to Professional Results on the Go!”

About the course:

This course teaches you the essentials of video editing, that way, you will be able to create functional and amazing videos for your brand. Throughout the course, you will be provided with practical tips and examples to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own brand’s videos.

Here’s  What you’ll learn;

  • How to import Videos.
  • How to split, trim and cut.
  • How to mute and resize clips.
  • How to rearrange and replace clips How to Zoom your videos in and out.
  • Introduction to Text (generating Auto captions) Overlay 1 (Adding logo & B-ROLL).
  • Adding social media handles Overlay 2 (Adding Icons).
  • Transition 1.
  • Transition 2 – voice over & music Audio extraction.
  • Customizing text.
  • How to blur video backgrounds.
  • How to export your video without losing the quality.

Class Format:

❖        Self-Paced:

❖        100% Virtual Class

❖        DURATION:

❖        2HR +

❖        2-3 weeks of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.

❖        Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms that heavily rely on quality video, mobile video editing has become a valuable skill.

One you can pick up as a side hustle and begin to make some cool cash from.

Imagine Getting all these for Just N4,999 today, Take advantage by enrolling now to get instant access......and become a PRO Mobile editor for your business and that of your potential clients....

How To build a wildly successful and highly converting Youtube channel from scratch…….

About the course:

If you’re confused or lost on how you can easily set up a YouTube channel that can potentially generate hundreds of thousands of thousands for you, then this course will help you. It will walk you through the motions of setting up an appealing YouTube channel as a newbie.

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • The easy steps to creating a professional YouTube channel while syncing another tool into your channel with zero stress.
  • YouTube automation hacks allow you to get good title headlines and descriptions at the click of a button.
  • How to easily publish your content on Youtube with important details and features.
  • How to create attractive, eye-catchy YouTube thumbnails with a step-by-step guide using a quality design tool like Canva.
  • YouTube channel automation hack that allows you to go back to sleep, while your content publishes itself & starts pulling in money for you with ease. Many YouTubers don’t know about these tools.
  • Free eBook to further open position you well as a pro-YouTuber.

Class Format:

  • Self-Paced
  • 100% Virtual Class
  • 1hour +
  • 1 week of hands-on training to work on real-life projects.
  • Interactive Community Sessions 100% learning support

For just N2,000 today, Take advantage by enrolling now to get instant access......and become a PRO in your niche while taking advantage of Youtube with all the tricks and Knowledge learnt.....

Personal Development on soft skills isn’t left out at all….

why is because, not only do you need the right skill set snd toolset but the right soft skills which makes you one of the most sort-after in your niche…..

The E-books are 13-18 pages and very powerful, Guess the interesting Part? They are sold at N725 only... You might want to jump on it now while price lasts.....


  • Affordable Quality Courses: To make our courses accessible to everyone, most of them can be purchased at a highly subsidized…. All it takes is to set aside almost the same amount you spend on data or shawarma and you’re good to go……

  • Interactive community: While learning online can create a sense of isolation, our inbuilt community feature creates almost the same motivated feeling you get from a physical……

  • 100% Support: Learning is never done without the support of industry experts and mentors during and after…..

  • Accountability: Even if you have a history of dropping online courses halfway, our accountability program ensures you stay committed to the learning process……

  • Self-Paced and Convenient Learning: You are almost in total control here, because you get to decide the suitable time for learning…..

  • And so much more….


  • A student who would love to learn how to create income outside the pocket money received from family.

  • You’ve tried learning on other platforms but find it hard to stay committed to learning… Or even produce any significant results from the skills.

  • You’re a slow learner and you’d love to be part of a learning community that allows you to learn at your own pace…all the while receiving 100% support from industry.

  • You’re tired of your normal job, and you’d love to have a side hustle that makes you good money with minimum stress, in the little free time you have available.

  • A stay-at-home parent that wants to generate passive income from the comfort of your home…

  • A business owner that has tried everything and almost dried out her pockets on ads to increase sales, with no borderline sales portfolio to show for.

  • You’re a Fresh graduate tired of going in and out of interviews with no clear view of a promising and high-paying and sick of falling for scams that prey on your desperate desire to make something out of your life.

  • A solution provider looking at being a well-paid business consultant.

With that said, I really can't guarantee that this ridiculous price will still be available in the next 72 hours.

You can as well invest the exact amount you use to buy data or transport yourself to a place without valuable returns to build skills that puts more money in your pocket than the number of posts you like on Instagram every day (liking IG posts takes more money from your pockets because you have to spend to do that anyway)……

So now my friend,

Position yourself to actually live the life you’ve always fantasized about…

Like Hundreds of other smart Nigerians who have acted on learning opportunities to learn in-demand skills… to unleash a never-ending flow of income for themselves…


P.S: I know you’re a bit skeptical if a platform like Crelor Space is the right place to start your learning journey.


So, I’ll introduce you to a few folks like you, who at first were skeptical, But after experiencing the amazing benefits of learning at Crelor Space. They started recommending it to anyone who cared to listen……..


1. What is Crelor Space and how does it work?

Crelor Space is an e-learning platform that connects learners to their most desired skills and interests in technology, business, & basic life skill, all of which are geared toward career advancement, financial acceleration & life skills.

Our courses are centered on carefully selected in-demand skills. 

These skills allow you to position yourself as a big shot, which gives you a competitive advantage over others.

Additionally, the technical skills you can learn at Crelor Space avail you the opportunity to work comfortably even as you earn hundreds of thousands.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of courses you can choose from, 

based on your interests, and learning pace. 

At the end of every training, you’ll take mandatory assessment tests. This helps you earn a befitting certificate acknowledging your skills and expertise.

2. What types of courses are available on Crelor Space?

At Crelor Space, you can learn business-related courses that equip you with the needed knowledge to scale your business to profitability.

 You can go here, to start now

More importantly, you can also explore Technical courses that equip you with in-demand digital skills, which can potentially skyrocket your income and finances.

But that’s not all, at Crelor Space we believe that attaining true success in any career&  in life generally goes beyond the technical know-how.


Additional psychological & social skills are needed to maximize your full potential.


As long as you’re a learner on the platform, 

you can explore life skills like communication skills, time management skills, people skills, etc., 

all of which guarantee success for you as a learner.

3. Can I access the courses on Crelor Space from any device?

You can easily access the courses on Crelor Space from anywhere in the world using your Mobile device or Laptop

4. Is there support available for technical issues or course-related questions?

In cases of technical difficulties, you can easily use our 24/7 chat support and have it resolved immediately or send an email to or whatsapp @ 07085020178

5. How do I access and navigate the Crelor Space platform as a student or instructor?

As a student, visit the student registration page and register and you will have access to your own dashboard.

Right on your dashboard, you will see all the courses you bought and can watch them at any time. 

As an instructor, visit the instructor registration page to apply. 

If approved, a special login detail will be sent to you. 

When you log in, you will have access to your own dashboard. 

So, If you are ready to completely change your life and your business with skills that will generate a steady stream of income like clockwork…..

…..Then its time for you to let me show you exactly how Myself and other expert are making it too….

We can’t wait to have you…




Not to worry, Pay into our corporate account…..

Account name: Crelor Space Limited.

Account Number: 1663649519

Bank Name: Access Bank

After Payment, Send a screenshot to our whatsapp number @ 07085020178 

…..Once it is confirmed, you get access to your desired course in no time….

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