Have you decided to work from home?

In this digital age, remote jobs are quite popular as people are leaving their 9-5s/corporate jobs to work from home or travel. Why dress up or commute to office space when you can get the job done without leaving your home? 

With the increasing popularity of remote work, companies have realized that they do not need every employee to show up at their offices to get the job done. This is because the availability of telecommuting has made it possible to track and monitor employees’ productivity, performance, and results while working remotely. It’s safe to say that it’s a win-win situation.

Since you are reading this article, we can tell you have decided you want to start working remotely. This is why we have put together the 30 best websites that offer high-paying remote jobs. We want you to have not only to land a remote job but one that offers good pay too. You can also read this article if you have started working remotely and you are looking to get a better-paying remote job. 

30 Best Websites To Find Remote Jobs

In this guide, we have done our research and put the best remote job websites we can find into different categories to help you find the best fit. So whether you are a content creator, graphic designer, developer, or writer, there is a place for you to find your ideal remote job.

Our top 30 websites for high-paying remote jobs include

A. General Remote job sites

This category comprises popular remote job websites that provide a broad range of industries and sectors known to hire remote workers in different niches. No matter the service you offer, they have got many remote job options to choose from. 

Let’s get started.


If you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or contract remote job then you should check out Flexjob. It is a popular remote job website that provides thoroughly screened remote jobs. In addition, you can do a background check on the company before you apply as the Flexjob database provides you with adequate information about the company.

Although, Flexjob requires you to pay a fee to get access to its incredible database. Yes. There is a subscription fee attached to utilizing this website. You can choose whatever plan your budget can accommodate. Another thing to know is that they give discounts. You may want to consider paying when they have discounted offers if you are on a budget. All in all, it is worth it.

2.We work remotely

This was one of the first remote job websites. It is still one of the most visited websites by remote job seekers. It is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. Here, jobs are broken down into different categories for Job seekers to find job opportunities seamlessly. You can find remote jobs in Programming, Marketing, Customer support, Business management, and more. 

Besides that, it is also quite popular due to its community feature as users can engage in forum discussions and keep up to date with news and updates. 

3.Working Nomads

This is a great site for those that love to work and travel, hence the name ’working nomads’. This website has many full-time remote positions. Although the site has many remote job positions, the major jobs featured on the website are usually targeted toward developers. You can also find jobs in marketing, creative design, content creation as well as the human resource industry on the website. 

Besides, the website makes it easy to navigate when looking for a job by making use of the color-coded category tool. In addition, you can subscribe to their email list to get daily or weekly remote job alerts curated for you.

4.Remote. Co

This is another remote job website that is packed with remote job opportunities. If you are searching for a remote job like Legal, QA, or accounting, this job site is a great option to explore as it contains jobs that are not given much priority on other websites. 

In addition, it is very easy to use as most job opportunities are broken into categories and it has a Q&A board that is regularly updated with content to help job seekers.


On Jobspresso, you can find remote job opportunities in tech, sales, writing, and more. A lot of jobs on this site are found in the US but these positions allow you to work from anywhere. 

Furthermore, they have color-coded categories that allow you to navigate seamlessly while searching for a job that suits you. Also, job offers are carefully reviewed.

B.Creative Design Remote job sites.

This category is for creators in the design niche that are searching for remote job opportunities. The remote job websites listed in this category are where one can find design-related job opportunities.

Let’s get started


This online community gives opportunities for designers to publicize their portfolios, connect with clients, and compete for freelance remote gigs. This site is a great option for designers as you get to set up package pricing plans that clients can choose from. Although, some fees may apply to you during the final payout. Overall, it is a terrific site to kickstart your remote job hunt.


With dribbble, web designers, graphic designers, and illustrators can put together a portfolio to attract potential clients. It is a user-friendly website that helps designers find clients that would hire for both freelance and full-time roles. Although dribble does not solely list remote jobs, you need to toggle that option in the drop-down menu to streamline your job search.


As the name implies, it is a good website to find remote job positions. If you are looking to learn more about remote work lifestyles, this site should be your go-to. With articles and guides on how to get started working from home, this site sets you up for success while searching for remote job positions. It is also easy to navigate.

C. Software Engineering and Development Remote Job Sites

Here are remote job sites to find engineering and development remote job positions.

Let’s get started

1. Dice

As a tech professional searching for a remote job opportunity, Dice is a good website to explore. With its focus on tech jobs, developers find it easy to search for remote job positions. There is also personalized control as you can control your profile visibility to accommodate your preference. It is free to use for job seekers.

2. GitHub jobs

GitHub jobs is another website to find good remote job opportunities. With its community of developers, clients check in to get suitable candidates for development positions. So if you are into web development or programming, you can use this resource to search for remote jobs by applying filters.

3. Authentic Jobs

This job board poses itself as an authority and reliable job resource for designers and developers. The job board has big client companies like Apple, Meta, and Tesla. It offers freelancers good remote opportunities, either part-time or full-time, which are categorized by location, compensation, and skills.

4. is another good remote job website. Here, developers go through a screening process to gain access to remote jobs. This includes soft skill tests, resume verification, coding sessions, and English language proficiency evaluation. In addition, the sales, recruiting, and matching departments offer a full range of services to both clients and developers. In 2-3 working days, clients get their first candidates, with transparent payouts and refund options, while developers get resume prep and job interview coaching. In addition, has been assembling a global network of professionals through online and offline events.

5. PowertoFly

Ladies, this is for you. This job board has its eye out for connecting women with outstanding companies that encourage diversity and inclusion. This is a resourceful job board that allows women to grow their network and find good remote opportunities. However, there is a screening process after registering on the website. This screens job seekers to ensure they are eligible to be matched with a company for a 2-4 weeks ‘paid trial’ test to ensure both parties are suitable for each other. Consider it, a form of matchmaking but the professional kind.

D. Content Creation & Writing Remote Job Sites

Finding remote jobs as a writer, editor, or blogger is quite easy as many job websites have great remote opportunities for this set of creators. Below are examples of websites that offer these opportunities.

1. Freelance writing gigs

As a blogger or writer, you can find remote job opportunities using Freelance writing gigs. Depending on your specialty, it offers well-curated job updates and helps you keep track of your application. In addition, you can join writing contests and use the resources they offer to help you create better content and improve your skill.

2. Textbroker

Textbroker is a popular freelance writing website. Although signing up is free, you will have to go through a vetting stage to get access to remote jobs on the website. This includes submitting an article to the team which would eventually give a rating. After being approved, you get access to their job library and you can start to apply. 

However, there are certain restrictions as most jobs are located in the United States and payments are made through Paypal. Regardless of whether you write web copies or product descriptions, this is a job site for you to find a remote job.

3. Problogger

This job board is well-known for posting quality jobs. From full-time to contract and freelance positions, there is always a client looking for writers. The best part of this job site is that it is free and you do not have to sign up. You can browse through the site and apply directly. 

However, it is very competitive as both new and professional writers use this website to source for remote jobs. Be sure to put your best writing forward.

4. Contena

Another job website to get remote jobs for writers is Contena. This job website offers both freelance and full-time remote positions. Contena helps writers develop their skills to find flexible jobs. So if you are looking to write on the go and from anywhere, you should check out this website.

However, it is a membership-based website that allows entry based on the team’s verdict. At the initial stage, you get to fill out a questionnaire about your writing experience and submit it to the team. If approved, you get a membership to access. There is a membership fee attached to the use of this website.

5. Scripted

Scripted offers various types of writing jobs. Whatever your specialty may be, you can find full-time or part-time remote job options on the website. However, there is an assessment and non-refundable fee attached to using this website. Although once you gain access to use the website, you will find remote job options you can explore. 

6. Adzuna

With Adzuna, you can easily find remote jobs using their database. They help job seekers find remote jobs related to their niche within a short time. With its unique filters, you can narrow down your search from millions of job options available to find the remote job that is the best fit for you.

E. Freelance remote job sites

If you don’t want to work full-time as a remote worker due to the lack of flexibility, freelancing might be a better option for you. 

The best part is you can find freelance remote jobs on the websites listed below.

1. Upwork

This is the largest freelance website with over 12 million registered freelancers with different skills. Upwork was born after two large freelance websites, Elance and oDesk, merged in 2015. This website has different freelance job positions cutting across every niche you can think of. You can find freelance remote positions that need the skills you have. 

Although, Upwork takes 20% of your earnings when you get a client and this reduces as you form a solid relationship with your client. Regardless, it is a great site to get started as a freelancer.

2. Fiverr

This is another popular remote job website that lives up to its name. It was a platform where gigs were priced at $5. Now, a freelancer can set their price preference and develop pricing plans for their services to attract potential clients. There are various niches you can look into on Fiverr and offer your services. 

Although, like Upwork, Fiverr takes a 20% service charge for your transactions. It also has different payment methods to ensure you get paid when you offer your services. With Fiverr, you can kickstart your remote working career.

3. Guru

Guru makes it easy for freelancers to showcase their experience. With this website, freelancers and clients can work together, share files and track job progress seamlessly. The website is known to have remote jobs ranging from design to writing, programming, interior design, and legal services. 

Here, membership requires a fee but they do offer a generous amount of free application. Also, they offer different payment methods to ensure you get paid. 

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is another website that offers remote job opportunities. With remote jobs on the site cutting across various categories, you can search for a remote job that matches your skills. Some of the remote jobs found on this website are posted as contests that let you bid for the job. The site gives you access to see how many freelancers are bidding for the job. 

However, there is a membership fee to have access to more applications after using the right free application allowance. Also, the projects come with a fee too. You either pay $3-5 or 3-5%.

5. Servicescape 

If you are looking to work with startups as a freelancer, this is the website for you. ServiceScape is a remote job website that is great for designers, writers, and editors. With access to many International remote jobs, distance is not a barrier to finding a remote job on this website. With more than 94000 clients, ServiceScape can be all you need to find the remote job of your dream.

6. Craigslist 

With full-time and part-time remote jobs, Craigslist is full of freelancers searching for gigs. To find remote jobs here, we advise you to look for remote jobs based on the city you would love to work in. This way, you can ensure you get remote jobs in a location close to you. 

F. Other remote job sites

Here’s another list of remote job sites that you can look through if you don’t have any specific niche in mind.

1. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job site that offers both remote and onsite jobs. The site is known to have loads of remote job positions as it compiles a list of remote jobs found on the internet into its database to ensure seamless navigation when searching. 

Besides that, it offers resources that can help you prepare for an interview and improve your skills before you land the job. It has different categories of remote jobs for you to browse. 

2. Glassdoor

This is another popular website to find remote jobs. It is quite similar to Indeed in that it curates job offers around the internet into one database, however, you will have to do a deep search through thousands of job opportunities to find your fit.

What makes it better? It is free. You get access to job opportunities without paying any membership fee. 

3. LinkedIn 

Many people know this website as a social media channel for professionals. Besides that, Linkedin is a good resource that has remote job opportunities you can look into. With diverse and big companies on the platform, it is a great way to land a remote job quickly. 

Although, you will need to create a profile showcasing your experience and expertise before you can start sending out applications. In addition, you get access to companies’ pages where you can conduct job searches on your own without having to look through their job catalog. Also, the website has good resources to help you improve on your skills and nail your interview. It is free to use but better perks come with a membership which requires a fee. 

4. Idealist

An upcoming remote website that has job opportunities in sectors you never imagined e.g Community development, Health, Medicine, Education and so on. This website offers remote jobs in these sectors. If you are really passionate about working to create change, then you should check out this website for remote opportunities.

5. Translatorscafe

Oui. For those that speak multiple languages and want to make a career out of it, this is the perfect website for you. It focuses on translation and linguistic jobs. As a polyglot, you can look for remote opportunities that offer a role in voice overs, translations, subtitling and so much more using Translatorscafe. You get to register for free and gain access to their diverse database of remote job opportunities.


There you go. An escape from your 9-5 to enjoy freedom and flexibility. A long list for you to find the remote job of your dreams. Be sure to define what niche you are looking to go into before you begin your search. Good luck.